Themed Slots

These slots contain traditional dishes from all over the world!

If there’s one thing I love in life, it’s eating. 

I don’t need much, because I like simple food and well made, nothing too fancy. 

What really interests me in cooking is the story behind the recipe! 

The main reason for my trips is always the same: to get to know the local cuisine. 

Japan: Kitchen Drama – Sushi Mania ( Nolimit City) 

France: Macaroons

Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania takes place in a Japanese restaurant, with a cutting board serving as the frame for the game symbols. 

In this game the reels do not rotate, but the icons jump out and reappear on the screen. 

Even those who are not big on sushi will enjoy the friendly Ginger and the charming Radish. 

The slot is addictive, has an RTP of 96.77% and the game has reels and 20 specific paylines in total. 

When you activate the “Kamisabi” feature, wasabis fall onto the screen “melting” symbols and making way for others to form new combinations. 

Similarly to the ninja blueberry, the ‘Bunshin Wild’ also eliminates symbols and makes way for new ones. 

When you activate the “Wild Sushi” feature, you access a screen where your mission is to make sushi with the ingredients that appear and keep your sushi meter up! 

Highlight also to the graphics very well thought out and executed, with a super nice soundtrack, which makes you stay playing for longer, of course! 

The only bad thing about the game is that every time a winning combination comes out, the ingredients are sliced on the screen mercilessly and will end up, probably, on the dealer’s plate. 

I love sushi and I even like those bizarre ones with mango and guava. 

Germany: Beer Party (Gammomat) 

This slot brings together everything I love most about Bavarian culture: 

  • Beer mugs and good food! 
  • Beer Party features irresistible icons like pretzels, Einsben (pork knuckle) with potatoes, Weisswurst (white sausage) with mustard and decorated German biscuits (the kind my husband’s grandma makes!!!) 
  • Chopp Mugs are worth 10 cents credit whenever they appear together more than twice in the same round. 

After any win, you can bet everything to try to win more…or lose and go back to zero, literally! 

It also has an added feature which will draw progressive credits depending on when you click on the “stop” button. 

You can find this game in Vera and John casino! 

France: Macaroons (Endorphina) 

Sushi Mania slot

The game takes place while a couple is having a great love affair in the City of Lights with champagne and tasty French delicacies. 

This delightful game comes with 5 reels, 3 paylines and 10 customizable paylines and an RTP set at 96%. 

The graphics are well done, colorful and make you want to eat a piece of candy! 

The Bonus symbol appears with a characteristic “UH-la-la!” and you win Free Spins worth 4x more. 

The bonus round comes when a jewel box appears with an engagement ring inside. 

If you take the risk, 5 cards appear on the screen and you win if you draw a card higher than the game card. 

If you succeed, your prize is doubled and you can keep taking the risk until you lose or win enough and go back to the spins in the French sweet shop.