Themed Slots

Mioooolos! Zombie Slots!

Alaxe in Zombieland (Microgaming) 

This game could be considered as an evil version of Alice in Wonderland, so to speak. 

Only the Alice here is Alaxe and the Land is not Wonderland but, Zombies! 

What I liked most about this game is that it contains three features that are relatively easy to activate. 

Three clocks on reels 1, 2 and 3 trigger the Tea Party feature. 

Pick one of the clocks to reveal how many choices you have. 

After that, you choose the teapots, which reveal your free spins and/or a multiplier. 

Finally, the last feature is called the Tombstones feature. 

Choose the tombstones and Alaxe will show you the prize amount. 

You keep playing until you exit “collect” and the bonus round ends. 

Alaxe in Zombieland is basically a low variance game, where the features are easily activated but the prizes are low. 

The only thing I found very weird was the sounds that disappear during the wins, it seems like a programming error, it cuts the vibe haha! 

Dead World (1×2 Gaming) 

Dead World (1x2 Gaming)

Based on the comic book of the same name, this version of 1×2 Gaming’s super slot game lets you find and kill lots of zombies, if they don’t get you first. 

The types of zombies you’ll be dealing with include Bikini Girl, The Mummy, The Mexican, Spike and Queasy Rider and each 

Don’t worry though, as there are also plenty of zombie killers you can team up with, including Pony-Tail, The Veiled Assassin and Tribal. 

As you’d expect in a world where the dead eat the living, there’s a serious amount of blood – so it’s not for the faint of heart. 

And the soundtrack and sound effects are more on the realistic side, so I’m easily impressed and tense the whole time! 

The game comes with a bonus where you have 6 shots to hit 6 zombies and each one will give you a cash prize. 

At first it makes no difference which one you shoot, it seems that the prizes also come up randomly. 

Although it does not award much, the bonus appears frequently. 

Dead World is definitely the best on the list, so I suggest you give it a try if you like these types of evil slots. 

Zombie Queen (Kalamba Games) 

Zombie Queen

One tip I found in another review was to increase the level of the “Hyper Bet”. 

That’s because the RTP on this Zombie Queen slot is 93% and it took me a while to get my head around it, so I wasted a lot of time. 

By increasing the bet to level 3 or 4, where the RTP is increased to between 96% and 97%. 

But this comes at a cost, as the minimum bet of 0.30 per spin is increased to 1.25 up to 2.40. 

Hyper Bet does more than increase the RTP 

It also offers multipliers on the “Walking Wilds” that appear in the base game and the “Sticky Wilds” in the bonus games. 

It also determines how many free spins bonus rounds you trigger – 5 up to 9 spins. 

You have three ways to get the Free Spins on this slot: 

So, first you can buy a bonus. 

Don’t do this unless you have some left over or are playing for free. 

You need to spend 100 to 200 times your bet when using this option, so the spin costs a lot! 

Secondly, you can collect enough “brain water” in a jar to fill the test tube next to the reels. 

It takes time. It took me 400 spins to complete one and go to bronze level, but I could keep collecting that much more. But I wanted to play the bonus at once and used it right there.