Slot Machines

Not all Slot Machines are the same!

Once I went to an astrologer and he told me that I would make a lot of money after my 40s. (I’m 36, I’m already preparing myself!) 

He said he didn’t know how, but it would be something like an inheritance (unlikely), a lottery win (I’ve never played) or…a Jackpot from a…slot machine? 

Some pay out jackpots and some have a maximum payout limit. 

If my astrologer is right, it would be smarter for me to give preference to slots with mega jackpots and make the most of my chance to change my life with a little extra help from the stars, right? 

What are Jackpots? 

Every time you (or any other player) lose a real money game on a particular game, a portion of your bet is added to the game’s total jackpot, or in other words, the highest prize that can be paid out. 

Yes, it sounds simple, but since we are talking about encompassing ALL BETS ever lost on that game, be it on x or y casino, physical or online, the accumulated value can be impressive! 

Today, you can easily find progressive slots to win 20 million reais in a few spins in several casinos. 

But some stand out precisely because of their jackpots and the fact that they can be paid to anyone, anyone at all, who plays that game, whether once or 100 times. 

(Yes, the odds are the same if you play once or 100 times). 

So let’s go to the games I found! 

#1 Gladiator Jackpot 

To win the jackpot, you need to enter the bonus game. 

You need three helmets each on reels 2,3 and 4 and the bonus game is started. 

#2 Giant Jackpot 

Giant Jackpot

The “Giant Jackpot” is available only when you play with the maximum bet. 

You will win the jackpot if you are lucky enough to get 5 Wild symbols on payline one. 

#3 Funky Fruit 

Matching eight or more cherry symbols is what’s needed to win part of this prize. 

You can win the whole thing if you get eight or more cherries when you bet 10 credits. 

#4 Monty Python’s 

Monty Python's slot

Monty Python appeared in the 1970s and is a British comedy classic to this day. 

The ‘holy grail’ of the game is the sey jackpot. 

You can only access it during Free Spins, it is a mission to catch a killer rabbit.